You will need
  • - rags;
  • corn or wheat flour;
  • - brush;
  • - mild Laundry detergent;
  • water;
  • - iron.
Before washing is necessary to remove spots. Often it can be greasy stains. If the stain has only recently been delivered, immediately blot it with a clean cloth (but don't try to wipe: so only worsen the situation).
Then sprinkle put on satin fabric grease stain with corn or wheat flour. Leave it for an hour. During this time, most of the fat absorbed by the starch particles.
Using the brush, gently brush the weave from starch powder. And then wash it.
If the product satin washable at home is impossible, surrender it to the dry cleaners: there will withdraw all the spots and freshen satin product.
Wash satin clothes entirely by hand when the water temperature is not more than thirty degrees. For washing use only soft washing powders. Add bleach is strictly prohibited: it will lead to the destruction of the structure of the fabric, and satin, the product will lose its original gloss. Moreover, due to the use of harsh bleaches white satin may turn yellow.
After washing the products of satin rinse it in cold water, which shortly before that, add a little vinegar. This rinse will bring back satin product elasticity and its color brightness.
Satin press products very carefully (ideally, if circumstances allow, slightly wring out satin clothes from the water and hang below the water's all glass).
Outwrite wet satin product iron, heated to 150 degrees. Moreover, the temperature regulator on the iron must be located in the "silk". Utaite exclusively on the reverse side.