You will need
  • - necessary equipment.
Use the gas welding without specialized skills is not recommended. Wrong ratio, exhibited in gears, acetylene and oxygen may lead to explosion and injury. Therefore, to proceed directly to the practice only after learning of theory lessons under the guidance of an experienced specialist.
Special courses will teach you the modern technology in welding, learn how to put pressure, to pick up the torch, familiarize with the safety precautions and regulations for welding operations.
After receiving the certificate of the welder, start to practice. Use theory, but don't forget to cook, you will learn only after mastering a lot of experience of practical knowledge.
Buy gas bottle, welder suit, mask, torch with set of 4 tips. Learn how to set the pressure in the hoses of the device. Typically, the oxygen pressure should not be greater than 0.3 MPa, the pressure of acetylene in the gearbox is below 1 kPa. Use for welding only the oxygen hose of the third class, do not use regular hoses that are designed for other purposes.
Keep the burner at different angles, applying learned theory into practice. Don't neglect safety. Always use protective suit of the welder, gloves, goggles and a helmet or thick hat.
First, learn to cook tough joints on a thick iron. As mastering the technique of welding start welding thinner iron with the smallest tip. Daily practice will help you to quickly acquire the necessary skills in which you will be able to perform the most difficult work.