Stop fussing with your loved much easier than it may seem. For starters – take "preventive measures". To stop fighting with a guy, learn how to engage in constructive dialogue. Learn to listen and hear a loved one, and to explain their position, not to get personal, giving vent to his emotions. Teach also your boyfriend.
To stop fighting with a guy, be ready to compromise. It is impossible to have the same views on all issues and the interests of the lovers do not always coincide. Therefore, the search for a third option that will suit both lovers, can be a good way out of any conflict situation.
Stop fighting with your beloved, learning to discuss problems and to compromise, it will be easier. But sometimes emotions literally overwhelmed, not allowing a good think about strategy. If you are ready to take it out on your boyfriend, try to get your emotions under control. Try the technique of deep slow breaths, count to ten. During this time, the emotions subside a little, and you will be able to understand that a calm discussion will give you much more than the screams and recriminations.
Stop fighting with a guy is possible, if sometimes cool to him. If your emotions you learned to control your guy can not have such a skill. If so, and your favorite starts with sex trafficking," give him to cool his ardor. It is sometimes useful to turn the conversation to another topic. Discarding emotions, you will be able to more effectively resolve their problems.
To stop fighting with loved ones, learn to switch and joke. Psychologists proved that humour and aggression are incompatible. Starting to laugh, you won't be able to quarrel with each other. And reassured, you can go to discuss the situation. Sometimes, instead of humor it is possible to use tenderness and affection. Against such weapons in the hands of a woman can not resist any guy.