Advice 1: How to think faster

Think fast in the modern world is necessary, and no matter you are busy in intellectual activities or creative. There are many ways to improve your brain activity, you only need to choose the most suitable.
Chess, like any playing that requires quick resolution, will help you learn how to think faster.
To think faster, you must train just like you train to run faster or swim. Without systematic work of the brain it is impossible to maintain the quality of his work, and, especially, to develop. So try to think as much as possible.
Keep your head in good shape is not difficult, you can start with everyday situations. Change exhaust on new actions, for example, take a job or learn to write with my left hand. This is an effective way to get the brain working, solving unusual tasks.
Educational games have a positive impact on the acceleration of mental activity, especially for those games where on each turn the opponent is given a strict time limit. For example, chess – anciently considered one of the most intellectual games. And relating it to sports is also true – you train your brain, sharpen the intellect and the mind.
Fresh air, enough sleep and required physical activity – all this greatly affects the speed of your thinking. In the brain receives the oxygen and this means that you can think faster. Daily one-hour walk is the minimum for your intellectual activities.
Learn to think critically, but don't take word for it. Even if there is already a well-known exit from any situation, look for your. Your brain needs a minimal amount of time to be indifferent in automatic mode. Evaluate, formulate their judgments, search for new suggestions and ideas. This may relate both to scientific activities and what to cook for dinner.
Communicate and work with people, and especially with multiple people at once. Being in the company requires a mental adjustment for different channels simultaneously, as well as selecting, analyzing, and participation.
Eat right and regularly, preferring fresh vegetables and fruits as well as nuts, honey and whole grains. Drink more water and take vitamins. Do not overeat, try to keep the feeling of satiety to come and visit, and that slight hunger that you can kill the green tea will have a positive impact on your ability to think.
Learn to notice all the things around you. You go to the Park not just being vague in their thoughts, and observe. Everything that happens around, you are interested in: people, their expressions and their features, animals, trees, locations, and characteristics of the houses, colors, sounds, temperature. Arriving home, try to remember and record the highlights of what he saw. This exercise trains memory, observation and concentration.
Change of activity influences on thinking. If you are writing a scientific paper and feel that the last minute to think of turns with difficulty, go do something else. It can be cleaning, walking, cooking, the design of the room – anything that involves other parts of your brain. Half an hour later you can safely return to work, requiring intelligence, and rest assured, the work will succeed.

Advice 2 : How to quickly and correctly salted bacon home

Bacon perfectly "get along" with any amount of salt, so to ruin the dish impossible. Cut fresh bacon into the correct portions and dipping them in not sparing salt, you can enjoy the taste of it in a day. And if you fill it all boiled water, the fat is cooked even faster.
How to quickly and correctly salted bacon home
Salty bacon is considered native Ukrainian dish, but his fans worldwide are countless. Who have once tasted this product, certainly tries to learn the technology of pickling, especially because this procedure is quite simple. And still some cooking secrets are.

Tips "experienced"

The most valuable advantage fat in fact that it is impossible to overdo. Not to ponder how much you will need salt, you just need to pour a thick layer into a bowl or deep container and dip the bacon on all sides, pressing each piece into the content. Salt is applied coarsely ground, without any additives.

Will the pickling successful, depends on the quality of fat. Not good, too soft and too hard. Experienced buyers can define a simple pressure of the finger, but you can ask the seller a knife. For soft and a knife is not required, because the finger it will "sink" and hard, even very sharp knife will meet on your way, if the structure of fat is heterogeneous, lumpy. Thick skin will also indicate the hardness of the product. You should pay attention to the color: the desirable pink and white, not grey-yellow that is a sign of stale fat.

To pickle the bacon can be any thickness, but the best is to Choose 3-4 cm pieces only greasy or meat-lard – a matter of taste. Too much meat, too undesirable, as it will take more salt and the result is the salted slices will be tougher and saltier taste. This fat is quickly salitsya, and it is better to subject it to subsequent Smoking.

Recipes the fastest Ambassador

A lot of dispute about how much time you need to colitisa fat. Some eat it within a day, someone claims that it can take less than a week. I must say that it depends on the size of the pieces and the pickling recipe. And there are a great many, though only three ways: dry, hot (boiling) and brine . If you want to eat, the fat the recommended thickness should be cut into cubes the size of about 3*10. Even when salting the dry way (simply dipped in salt), it will be ready the next day.

To fat was more fragrant and spicy on the palate, spices are added: garlic, black or red pepper, Bay leaf. All this you can RUB the slices before dipping in salt, and can be mixed directly with the salt. Each clove of garlic is better to cut into a thin plate or grate, then his smell will be more obvious. But the one who likes to eat bacon with a bit of sugar and garlic, is limited by the minimum of ingredients: fat and salt.

Salt fat even faster than a day. To do this, the pieces are coming together in a jar and in the case peresypaya liberally with salt and garlic. Simultaneously, you can boil the water and bring it to a boil. Then the Bank with the fat poured boiling water and left to cool down. This usually happens in about 3 hours and means that salty bacon is ready to eat.

Advice 3 : How not to think about the person that I want to think

Sometimes thoughts about a person is not allowed to live in peace. Very hard to fall asleep and Wake up thinking about how close and the only one that is now somewhere else. And if the chances of reunification not, such a thought need as quickly as possible, out of my head.
How not to think about the person that I want to think
To start, assign yourself a penalty for every unnecessary thought. For example, give up sweets, don't buy new things, do not meet with friends. Give yourself a vow that as soon as you stop to think about that person to remember is not necessary, you fulfill your dream. Or go a little different route. For every thought give yourself a physical test. For example, push-UPS, sit-UPS, Hiking and other. This variant is good because you not only stop to think about the person who is with you in the separation, but get yourself in shape.
Rarely stay alone. Next, there should always be other people who will distract you from unwanted thoughts. It is better to look for companies you are unfamiliar interlocutors. There in front of them you won't bare my soul with them, you hide their experiences. And in the end it's just become a habit.
Try to visit more often in the companies of strangers
Overload themselves with work and exercise. When the body is exhausted, people rarely think about the bad. Physical fatigue will allow you to fall asleep faster, distract from all unnecessary thoughts. Purchase a subscription to the pool or gym, often do chores, travel regularly to the country, if you have it. You can even get a second job. Because it will eventually help you forget that person about which I constantly think.
Get a new hobby that will be of interest to you. Enjoy collecting, attend yoga courses or start to jump with a parachute. Importantly, the hobby would take more time. When you do something you love, it is rarely distracted by unwanted thoughts.
Find a hobby for the soul
Love yourself. Start a new life where you will be the main man. Holte and cherish yourself, pamper daily. Even in trifles no one is talking about buying a diamond necklace or an expensive yacht. Just follow your desires, realize your dreams. If you something you do not want to do, don't do it. The charges will come later. For now, just allow yourself to relax and enjoy life
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