Want to recover from diabetesand eat buckwheat flour. Experts have conducted a number of studies and found that foods that were cooked with this ingredient contain essential for body tissue. Namely, it helps to reduce blood sugar levels (which, in fact, is the main reason of occurrence and development of diabetes mellitus. and buckwheat flour is an indispensable tool in the treatment of diabetesand insulinnezavisimogo type. Because it helps the body's tissues become more sensitive to this hormone, which in turn leads to improved metabolic and improving the work of the whole organism.
Another option for the treatment of diabetesand the use in food of an ordinary onion. In this way the diabetes was treated in Ancient Rome. Treatment of onion is widely recommended for patients even endocrinologists. And it is perfectly suited for treating both types of disease. This happens because onions is an ideal tool for the regulation of blood sugar, because it contains allicin. And this substance, in its turn, has a magical set of qualities - it anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory. And besides, very gently lowers cholesterol. That is why doctors recommend patients to eat more onions. Indeed, in complex therapy of diabetesand he is simply irreplaceable!
Know that it is not less useful, and garlic. It is particularly indicated in patients with 2nd type diabetes. Besides, it helps in treating not only this disease but many related - reduces overweight, helps with atherosclerosis and protects against colds and regulates blood pressure. But keep in mind that taking garlic only necessary along with antidiabetic drugs.
At the initial stage to cure diabetes is possible by means of physical exercise aerobic type. Best quality training suits Jogging. The main rule - all necessary measure. It is not necessary to load yourself with exercise. Because you can hurt yourself in other body systems.