The most important thing is mental preparation. You have themselves firmly decide that you need fast. If you have any doubts or fears to be deprived of the usual pleasures of food, it is better not to force yourself, because the process may be painful and bring suffering.
Need to seriously approach this issue, why it is important to study a variety of literature, in which the advice of people who have repeatedly resorted to starvation. There are many books written competent in this matter people. Better before fasting to consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests, maybe you have a disease in which we should not expose the body to a severe test.
If you want to resort to starvation with the purpose of healing the body and getting rid of a small number of extra pounds, it is a relevant one-day fasting. To move it is not very difficult, and the preparation will be easy and almost invisible. To do this a couple of weeks before such a day should eliminate from your diet all kinds of confectionery, spicy, fatty, fried foods, various canned food. The ideal option would be if you were to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. So the best time for such events – the end of summer and beginning of autumn, when there is a possibility cheaply to buy such products. You should also give up tea and coffee. You need to drink daily 1.5-2 liters of water.
It is also very important to clean the intestines from accumulated in it of feces. It is quite suitable for an ordinary enema. Methods and rules of purification can be found in the literature, where very detailed and clearly explains all the steps. As you know, even a simple colon cleanse can solve many health problems, get rid of gravity. After he significantly transformed the appearance: the skin is cleansed, leaving a few pounds.
Need more fresh air, relax. The ideal option would be to make preparation for the fasting and self-starvation on vacation, when you won't be tempted to eat harmful fast food.