Complete phase dry fasting at the exact time when you entered it. For example, if you begin to starve at a certain time in the morning, and get out of starvation should be at exactly this time, a day later. You can't do it even for a few minutes before.
Exit from starvation exercise through the use of water. Brush your teeth and drink water – prepare it in advance (boil, peel and cool). You can add water, a little lemon juice. Should drink slowly in small SIPS, and taking breaks for two hours – the amount of water is unlimited, you can drink as much as you want. Water should be boiled and cooled – to exit the dry fasting is not appropriate nor warm nor damp nor spring water. If the first throat cause the feeling of nausea, try to hold it in your mouth, mixing with saliva and swallow it in small SIPS.
Take a shower, then Oblates cold water and take a short warm bath (not more than 8 minutes). You can combine water treatments with drinking water.
2 hours after you started the output of dry fasting, should drink fermented drink. Ideal fat yogurt – drink as much as you want but in small portions and in such amounts as not to cause heaviness in the stomach. Yogurt can be prepared from sour milk by fermentation using a crust of bread. Add the yogurt a little sour cream. Instead of yogurt you can use fresh cheese with milk.
After a couple hours you can drink warm vegetable, chicken or fish broth. Cook it with spices, but without salt and eat without vegetables and bread. All other meals should be divided into small portions and eat every two to three hours.
In the first two days after you have started out dry fasting, you need to eat only fresh protein foods (cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, chicken, etc.) and drink only boiled and purified water. Raw foods should not be consumed. In the first 5 days should eat only high quality, fresh food to eliminate from the diet salt and sugar in any form.