You will need
  • Polish "Purpose";
  • acrylic dyes;
  • - metal pigments;
  • - solvent.
Stained glass paintsthat are sold in stores, are quite expensive. If you only want to start doing stained glass Windows and are unsure whether to continue or Vice versa, you are sorely lacking of paints for creation of an increasing number of masterpieces, it's time to make a stained glass paint themselves.Take as a basis the Polish "Purpose", it proved to be the best in terms of usability, affordability and aesthetics. The varnish has excellent optical properties, which is very important for the creation of stained glass, his film does not become cloudy over time.
With the help of acrylic dyes give the car paint color. For effects use metallic metallic pigments such as aluminum and bronze powder, chromium oxide, iron oxide, minium, and the like. Lacquer, mixed with pigment stored for about 24 hours. "Purpose" is fast drying and has little expense.Apply colored lacquer by brush, spray or simply dip the painted surface. The drying time between coats 20-30 minutes, and the time for final curing of the varnish on the product another thirty minutes.
Calculate the amount of varnish that you need to consider the number of layers, measure the length and width of the future of stained glass. The lacquer consumption - 200-250 ml per square meter when applied in 2-3 layers. If necessary, the varnish can be diluted with solvent 646, 647, 648. Based paint lacquer "Purpose" is resistant to moisture, and on the basis of "Purpose petrol-resistant, also to the effects of gasoline and oils.
When creating stained glass try to use the technology "glass beads" - it adds to your work volume and texture. Paint the area of the stained glass need paint, then, without waiting for it to dry completely, put on her transparent glass beads. During refraction of light passing through colored glass and beads, there is a unique depth and mysterious shimmer of stained glass!
Get a special textured dashboard "Cracked ice". Apply stained glass paint based on the paint, when the paint dries, remove it in the form of films and stick on stained glass - this piece will become the texture of cracked ice.Add in paint pearl, it will give the image extra volume and Shine. Try to add Polish in different colors, so you create your own unique stained glass paint and be deservedly proud of the results!