Upon the occurrence of fluorosis in the initial stages on the anterior teeth appear white spots or stripes, which are usually located symmetrically. Usually before other fluorosis affects the incisors. When the fluorine content in the body begins a long time higher than normal, the spots appear on other teeth. If this symptom is not to pay attention, the spots darken, becoming brown or even brown color.
Any specific treatment of this disease does not exist. It is first necessary to remove the cause of the high concentration of fluoride. Drinking water should be thoroughly cleaned, from the use of toothpastes and mouthwashes with fluoride should be abandoned. Special attention should be paid to nutrition. The diet should include dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. In the winter time should take fish oil, multivitamin. Do not put a little UV exposure.
In the initial stages of fluorosis, the enamel is when white spots appear, carry out the teeth whitening with remineralization therapy, in which there is a saturation of enamel with calcium compounds, fluorine and phosphorus. These substances penetrate the hard tissue of the tooth, saturate and strengthen them. Remineralisation is carried out by applications or by electrophoresis. For this procedure, use solutions of calcium gluconate and sodium fluoride, which alternate with each other.
Sometimes at the initial stage of fluorosis prescribe the drug is "Remodent". It contains a complex of elements derived from animal bones and is essential for the remineralization of enamel. Before the procedure the teeth thoroughly cleaned of plaque, dried them, and then impose a cotton swab soaked in the solution. After the completion of the applications do not eat within 2 hours. The course of treatment is usually 15-20 applications.