You will need
  • -artificial filament;
  • -plate;
  • -the onion.
Making a bow, keep in mind that it is made not from a single cord, and from multiple threads. As such a material, prepare thread, made of artificial fibers. It is important that they were a strong small silk, Dacron, nylon. You can do the string and of the usual cord for fishing, which is sold in coils. Most importantly, the thread was sturdy and did not fray. Not particularly important as far as the thread will be thick. Depending on its thickness you will process to vary the number of turns.
To make a quality bow string for a bow, you must approach this task with all responsibility. First prepare improvised a device for winding string. It may be an ordinary plate with several pins at a sufficient distance. Also for this class will fit and stool, you need to turn up the legs and wound them into threads. See how many turns you need. The ends of the thread after winding need to tie a reliable knot.
In the place where the bow will be worn on the bow, make a special winding for protection. This must be done in order for the string was not erased. The winding must be wound on both sides of the stringer. Note that when wrapping the side where there is a knot on the string, you have to hide it.
Then out of the string make a loop to put the string back on the bow. The loop is necessary to rewind tight at the base. Around the middle of the string also make a coil 15 cm this will be the place in the process of shooting fall fingers. You can also make a special thickening in the middle: it will be easier to hold the arrow.
Now the string is ready. Carefully secure it not a reason Luke. Experts advise to do multiple instances of this string, so that in case of damage it can be quickly replaced.