First of all, decide what kind of fondue you would like often offer. There are four main types of dishes: fonduefor cooking that uses a broth fondue with boiling in a pot with oil, chocolate fondue, cheese fondue.Fondue (caquelon) pot as part of a set for fondue – is a ceramic, clay or metal. For the chocolate fondue , it is advisable to choose a set with a ceramic or earthenware fonduewith snica. Broth, oil or cheese fondue it is better to cook in a pot made of metal. Moreover, the metal can be steel, and cast iron. The steel pot looks aesthetically, but the cast-iron is more practical and better to keep the temperature.
Look closely at the forks included in the set for fondue. They should be long, with the protected handles. For chocolate or cheese fondue relies on 1 fork per person for the meat – two. One of them is used in order to lower the piece into the oil, and the second helps to remove it from the fork, so as not to burn.
For ceramic fondueof Sneezy designed for making chocolate fondue, the heat source will approach the candle. Metal pot required burner. Choose a burner with a temperature controller, as for cooking different types of fondue the required different temperature. There are electric fondue. But to prepare snacks on electricity is not as romantic as cooking over a fire.
Please note on the stand. In the optimal variant it consists of a metal (sometimes wooden) framework for the burner and the grate, which is fondueSinica. Cheap sets are often found only grille.