You will need
    • dark or white chocolate – 200 g
    • cream 35% fat – 50 ml
    • butter – 50 g,
    • rum
    • cognac
    • whiskey or brandy - 4 tbsp,
    • spices
    • salt,
    • red pepper,
    • bananas
    • pineapples
    • pears,
    • dried apricots,
    • strawberries,
    • mango,
    • walnut, etc.
One of the main rules – less is better. Choose a chocolate well-known and reputable manufacturers. Cocoa substances in the tile should be more than 70%. Stunning is the combination of melted tile 99% tile chocolate with 72%. Prepare cream, spices (ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric, etc.) and butter. Their volume can vary depending on the desired result: fondue with acute, mild or spicy flavor. Your choice pick the best brandy, whiskey, rum, or brandy to add to the fondue. Alcohol is also a kind of spice in a chocolate dessert. It should be quite a bit to lightly feel his intoxicating touch.
How to make chocolate <strong>fondue</strong>
Special sets for fondue looks pretty impressive, but it is possible to do without them. Manufacturers of some models of fryers suggest using their products as a fondueof Sneezy. You can use a suitable size glass or metal bowl, bamboo skewers for kebabs or Chinese chopsticks. For melting chocolate will need a separate Cup and a pot of boiling water. The candle will be effective only as support for the fondue warm in the uncured state.
How to make chocolate <strong>fondue</strong>
Heat the cream in a water bath, add the chocolate. Stir the mixture until it is smooth. Throw in a mixture of butter and pour in the alcohol, bring to a boil.
Add red pepper – you decide. This ingredient lends a piquancy to the finished dish, making the sweet chocolate still hot. Throw natural vanilla pod, previously cut it lengthwise into two parts and clean the seeds. Optional spice fondue with cinnamon, nutmeg, crushed cloves.
Sweet fondue perfectly sets off the savory filling, such as citrus slices or walnuts. If a part of the fondue set you used dark chocolate, be sure to give him sweet ingredients: raisins, apricots, mango. To anyone, especially to white chocolate, the perfect fruit: bananas, kiwi, melon, pomelo, apples. The most versatile variant – strawberry. Chocolate with strawberries – the epitome of romantic feelings and the promise of a pleasant evening.