Currently, rental bikes not so much. But, nevertheless, this service is in demand, especially in places of recreation. To open a rental bike is not difficult. The initial investment pays off pretty quickly. To start the business immediately for a profit, you will need to spend money. Get to start 10-15 bikes wholesale, so it will be much cheaper. If the number of vehicles is not enough, then acquiring the.
For reasons of economy it is better to buy inexpensive but high-quality brand bikes. Note that two-wheeled transport rather quickly becomes unusable because it is operated constantly. Usually the bike rental is partially or completely replaced after 1-2 seasons.
Please note that rental bikes suggests that some of your customers will return to you a broken transport. In this case, you will have to deduct from the Deposit any part needed to repair. It is better to negotiate in advance to avoid further disputes.
Calculate the income from the rental of bikes is quite simple. For example, a one hour rental will cost 150 rubles. If every bike will work for about 6 hours, it turns out that it will bring 900 rubles per day. If you have 10-15 pieces, the day you can have 9 000 - 13 500 RUB service hire just one employee.
You can begin rent business of the Bicycle and without initial investments. On own bikes you can earn, if the first time you take them out. To do this you need to negotiate with multiple teenagers having own transport and willing to make a little money.
Dove ad about the rental, do you offer the owners half of the cost of operating a Bicycle. For example, a one hour rental will cost 160 rubles, 80 of them you will give to the owner. If your team is even 5 people, then 6 hours working bikes will bring you personally RUB 2400 per day. For the month you will be able to collect a decent amount, enough to buy your own bike and extend the incipient business.