To ensure complete safety first disconnect battery terminal. Now move the front seat as far forward as possible and sit in the back seat.
Take the upholstery of the front seat for the bottom corner and pull it to the floor. Remove the plastic cord sewn to the upholstery. Now in the same way pull the edge trim to the side. The plating you will see a plastic latch hooks. Remove them.
Raise a vacant piece of trim up. Under him are three plastic clips that you will also need to remove. Remove the retainer (it is located near the airbag).
Remove the mount head restraints. To do this, gently push your hand under the trim, find the latch, press it and pull up the mount.
Loosen the trim on the right and left at the bottom of the seat (where you are adjusting). Remove the trim up along with the foam. Remove the trim, i.e. remove the foam. You will see a metal ring that pulls the upholstery to the foam and shapes the seat. Straighten your ring and release the trim completely.
Now remove the seat, then remove the protective plastic caps from the rear. Unscrew opened the bolts, then move seat as far forward as possible and remove are the front mounting bolts. Tilt seat back and disconnect the three plugs (on the driver's seat are two of them). Disconnect the mounting harness.
Unscrew the screw that secures the decorative plastic panel. Pry off the panel and disconnect the latch. Remove the trim with the hooks. Pull the edge of the trim down and remove it on the perimeter. Lift the seat to see the three clips. Remove the latches.
Carefully remove the trim in place, being careful not to pull it so as not to break the wire leading to the sensor. Unfold rings. Now the upholstery in your hands. The foam from the back put on the frame, put the seat in place. After washing the upholstery and bring it into the proper form put the upholstery on the seat, acting in reverse sequence.