A preparatory stage.Clearly specify the topic of the methodological seminar and the goal: for example, familiarity with the proposed techniques, exploring the algorithm for transition to their use, development of methodological skills to apply knowledge in practice. Based on the goals, list the steps you need to take to achieve them.
Gather the necessary material, text, visual, make it the way you want, available for perception. Break the blocks, sub-topics, prepare presentations, handouts and stimulus material.
Consider which tasks for fixing of the formed skills you will use. Use active forms of learning, involves not just hearing the participants of the seminar, but also a living part. This can be a formulation of problematic issues, case study methods, brainstorming, filling in tables, forms, collective analysis, the game, etc.
Clearly list the course of the seminar, i.e. what and in what sequence you offer. Be careful to alternate activity and passivity present at the seminar.
Specify what results should be obtained at the end of the workshop, what are the criteria you and the participants understand that the goal is reached. Use all possibilities: questionnaires, polls, reviews, collection of proposed solutions, conclusions, results of collective creativity.
The organizational phase. Find a room for the seminar – it could be the premise of your organization, third party or concerned organization. Agree on the terms of use.
Plan the workshop so that you could inform interested people are in the band. Use the options available to alert participants in advance to stipulate the conditions of participation, the terms and conditions of the seminar.
Check how long is the seminar, if necessary, to include breaks. Clearly indicate the time of presentations of invited experts, if you invite them, and briefly familiarize them with the course of the workshop.
Prepare the room so that all you need was at hand, within reach. Consider the location of the participants. Check the operation of all multimedia resources necessary for the job. Take a deep breath, priorites and with a friendly smile meet are invited!