Determine the type of lesson. This can be a lesson teaching of new material, repetition of lesson material, the lesson application of knowledge and skills, the lesson of generalization and systematization of knowledge, the lesson of verification and correction of knowledge and skills or a combined lesson. Depending on the type of lesson, you define its purpose.
Indicate the purpose of the lesson. The lesson normally has several objectives (cognitive, practical and abderemane). In formulating goals avoid perfect verbs, because in one lesson it is impossible to fully teach a person anything, you can only include it in the learning process.
Describe the methods that you will use in the lesson. It can be various visual materials, discussions with pupils, work in notebooks, creative tasks.
Make the structure of the lesson. The structure of the lesson includes organizational moment (greeting, collection or distribution of notebooks, checking homework, preparing to study new material, assimilation and consolidation of new knowledge. This is followed by a step of repetition of the material, generalization and systematization of new knowledge. At the end of the lesson homework will be given.
Give a detailed description of the course of the lesson. To do this, describe in detail each element of the structure of the classes. If you do a lesson on abstract and doubt in my ability to improvise, then briefly write it myself for each of the stages.
Record in the notes of the lesson the names of the textbooks used by the class. If you bring additional materials include their output in the list of references.