You will need
    • fillet chicken Breasts 500 g;
    • nuts and spices
    • greens;
    • egg
    • sour cream
    • mustard
    • flour
    • vinegar
    • beer;
    • sunflower oil.
Try to prepare a simple batter. To do this, crack the egg, add some salt and spices, and stir. Add a little sour cream (a couple tablespoons), mix again. Then add sieved flour to get the consistency of dough, as for pancakes. Already cut up and salted chicken fillet dip in batter and place on heated pan. Fry in sunflower oil on both sides.
Try it instead of sour cream to add to the beer batter (50 ml). The dough will become airy and will give this dish a spicy flavor. In a bowl break one egg, add beer, spices and, if desired, chopped parsley. Stir and add the flour, sifted through a sieve. The dough should be liquid. Chicken Breasts, pre-salt, dip in batter and fry.
Very unusual taste turns Breasts, sprinkled with grated nuts. To prepare you need crushed nuts. Prepare a simple batter (egg, water, salt, spices and flour). Dip Breasts in batter and sprinkle top with nuts and saute.
Difficult prepare the batter: whisk together 4-5 eggs with salt and 1 tablespoon of sour cream, add flour to obtain a dough thick, heavy consistency. Dip fillets in boiling salted water, cook until almost fully cooked. Gently Pat dry the fillets are ready. Then rascality oil in a deep frying pan. Slightly abschlie pieces of fillets down into the boiling oil and fry. Then each piece dip in batter and immediately drop into the oil. And so repeat 4 times.
You can cook the dough without sour cream. Replace it with a spoonful of mustard and 10 ml of vinegar 9% table. Prepare a dough from eggs, salt, mustard, vinegar and flour. The taste is no worse than in the preparation of batter with sour cream. In the dough add the chopped greens. Fillet fry in a pan with two sides.
You can make very simple meals. Whisk the egg and add spices, dip fillet in egg, then in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides. Quick, easy and delicious.