Start compiling a portfolio of the student from the title-page. Get creative and make it unusual and interesting. For example, you can not only specify the start date of the collection of information in this folder, but sticking interesting (funny or some unusual, original photo of a baby.
On the title page, place data student (name, surname, date of birth). Specify the number or name of the educational institution which he attends.
On the second sheet, place the contents of the portfolio, i.e. the sections with the indication of page numbers.
Display in the portfolio the student success in the educational activities: participation in Olympiads, competitions, scientific-practical conferences, round tables, seminars, etc. will Post in a separate file the originals or copies of documents that substantiate the achievements: diplomas, certificates, participant certificates, letters of thanks.
Find also a place for scientific-research work of the student: essays, published articles, essays, original compositions, materials studies, etc.
Open the portfolio and extracurricular activities your pupil. If he does in school sports and has already reached a certain level (has the title of candidate master of sports or sports Junior level, belts in different martial arts), display it in the folder you collect. Place in it not only the diplomas, medals, certificates, and photographs from sporting events, rallies, awards, etc.
Place in the portfolio also the most successful work of the child: drawings, applique, embroidery, etc.
If a child writes poetry or stories, put some of them in the portfolio.
Also glue on a separate sheet of photos from school events (KVN, theatre productions, sporting events, tourist meetings) with the participation of the student.
Write an essay about your child's hearing. Remember how and when he came to you in the class, how the communication with other kids. Reveal aspects of his character (kindness, honesty, truthfulness, etc.). Describe the unusual case of their school, where the pupil is opening up to you.