Causes of oily scalp

Hair doesn't become fat themselves - it has a number of reasons. And, above all, the skin can become too oily under stress or hormonal diseases. Also on the oiliness of the hair affected by hereditary diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, intake of a huge number of drugs and the excessive use of chemicals and women - and even symptoms of menopause.

The main cause of oily scalp – hyperactive sebaceous glands, which are located in the vicinity of most hair follicles. They secrete a special type of sebum, which protects and moisturizes.
Sometimes the gland can not cope with their work (for several reasons), which leads to greasiness of the scalp.

As a rule, cope with oily skin helps comprehensive treatment and care. It can precisely select products – shampoo, conditioner and mask that will help to overcome this problem. In this case the shampoo should not contain a lot of Surfactants, which have a negative effect on the skin.

The intricacies of care

Oily scalp requires special care. First, the hair should be washed with warm water. Secondly, you should only lather the ends of your hair. Thirdly, before washing it is advisable to comb hair to remove dead skin cells from the head, and at the same time to stimulate the circulation process.

To resolve the issue too oily scalp will also help to see a specialist. Probably the main cause of the disease was a nervous breakdown or malfunction of the metabolism. To cope with the problem of oily scalp help of special masks and herbal teas.
The main rule of the use of masks from natural ingredients for oily scalp says: any tool should be to apply it on the skin and not the hair. Otherwise, hair will become dull lifeless look.

For rinsing, you can apply an infusion of sea algae, nettle or rosemary. Or use the recipe for the easiest mask for oily scalp:

- 200 grams of vodka;
- 50 g lemon juice.

To mix the components, and the resulting liquid applied daily to the scalp, not washing.

You can still use the breast mask. For her to take any milk product in small quantity and apply on the scalp for 10-15 minutes before washing. This simple and economical recipe will bring you just a striking effect.