Listen to the music
It turns out that music is one of the sources of joy. As soon as you Wake up, immediately put your favorite song, and if you have a lot of them, then even better. Of course, you should avoid sad songs. You don't want to upset even more, and to be an energetic man!
Cold water is a good way to awaken the energy! After sleep don't be lazy and take a cold shower. If you are afraid to stand under cold water, then first open the warm water, then cold quickly! Count to 10 and you can get out. Adrenaline!
Drink tea
Many people mistakenly believe that coffee is the best drink for the buzz. Blame is. In fact, if you drink several cups of tea a day, you will reduce the level of stress hormones. When drinking coffee, he on the contrary will increase. A Cup of green tea will not only raise your spirits, but will have a positive impact on your health: it normalizes blood pressure and cleanse the body of toxins. As you know, a healthy mind can be only in a healthy body.
The smell of lemon
The sense of smell directly affects your mood. The smell of citrus fruit stimulates our energy, sending signals to the brain, and causes it to circulate throughout the body. A vitamin C in turn increases energy through metabolism of proteins. It helps to cope with a stressful situation.
Dress to impress
The fact that the daily contemplation of the dark tones can simply turn off your mood. This does not mean that you should discharge like a parrot, not at all. It will be enough to get a couple of accessories bright colors, for example, with a handkerchief!
Walk in the fresh air
Why when you feel tired and lethargic, you lay down on the bed and prefer to sleep, not quickly going to walk? A short pastime in the fresh air will give you more energy than a short sleep, after which you will feel even more overwhelmed. But if in the morning after a Cup of green tea you are addicted to morning jogs, something about a bad mood or depression will be forgotten!
This is the best way of gaining energy and keeping yourself in good physical shape. Best of all, of course, to enroll in some school dance, pre-determine the direction, that you like so you can Shine stunning PA among their friends, and not only...