Often pendants are used as neck ornaments. Wear them, usually on a chain, a special yarn or cord. The length of the suspension holders can be anything. It is necessary to consider the basic rule: on a long and thick chain miniature ornament simply will not look and easily "lost" on it. Modern pendants can have many different forms. Simple geometric shapes, romantic hearts, flowers, cute animals or the original abstraction are our contemporaries like to wear on their delicate necks. Basically, the choice of the suspension depends largely on its purpose. For example, for office is perfectly suitable to the miniature and elegant pendant in the form of abstract geometric shapes, and to any party - large pendant, decorated with precious stones. Recently, some ladies began to wear the chain links several suspensions. Thus, the decoration "smoothly converted" into a necklace.
Very popular today are iconic pendants, a symbol of an event in life. For example, a pendant in the shape of a key often give a person the case of buying them apartments or cars, suspension-dummy can be an excellent present for the birth of the baby. Such jewelry are usually bracelets, periodically adding to his collection of new "trophies".
The craze for body piercing in recent times it has become a trend. Many girls pierce their navel, inserting in it a miniature suspension. Another common nose piercing, eyebrow and tongue. To decorate the pierced part of the body, using a variety of pendants. Keep in mind that it is best to wear a special puncture closure, which is unbuttoned, you can replace the suspension with new, without removing it completely.