You will need
  • a block of wood
For the manufacture of wooden mugs take a piece of wood that will have a vertical direction of growth of fibers. Now, take this same block and on the upper side draw two circles which will serve as the internal and external aspects of our future cups. Don't forget to write on the billet for pens. If the size of the bar leaves no room for a pen, then take another with a similar texture and draw a handle on it. Now take the billet (base circles) and drill a few holes using a drill. Then, using a narrow semicircular chisels to remove the excess wood. Now take a fine-grained sandpaper and treat her internal surface. In principle, you can achieve the same hole when using the lathe.
After you have cleaned and sanded the inner surface of the mug, start working on the outside. Take a semicircular a chisel and remove the wood layer. Then take a thin chisel and give the circle shape, and then using sandpaper to treat surface and optionally apply on a Cup pattern.
So, we turned the wooden Cup. Now we are going to make him a mug. To do this, the resulting glass glue stick, cut from a different block. In case the mug is made from a single piece of wood, then remove the extra layer of wood and give the handle form. For these works, use the jigsaw, it will help you as accurately as possible and without the formation of notches to cut off unnecessary pieces. In completion, make a sanding pen and decorate it as desired.
There you go! Drinking from a mug made with your own hands is always a pleasure!