While chinchillas get used to their new home, try to protect them from even more stress. You don't try to vykolupat animal from the cage (if the content of the selected chinchilla cage), don't do with him any sudden movements. Let the chinchilla will grow roots.
как приручить карелу
Daily connect with your pet, go to his cage, talk to him a quiet, soothing voice. Let the animal get used to you.
как назвать попугая корелла
Prepare treats that treat the animal in a cage. Chinchillas do not eat candy and cookies. The best treat for the animal will be dried apples, withered hawthorn berries and rose hips.
как приручить декоративного кролика
First place treat the pet in a cage. Later start to offer delicious food with his hands. Sooner or later your sushi will take you from the palm of the fingers or a piece of dried fruit with funny legs.
Gradually, when the mouse gets used to you, and will not be too dicitis, try to gently offer him a "hand of friendship". Hardly the first time the animal itself will go to you. Your task is to take a chinchilla on his hands as carefully as you can, trying to avoid possible stress for the animal.To take the animal only on the palm, in any case not under paws and not for wool. Chinchillas there is a protective mechanism – a drop of wool. It might have to do with places native habitat of the animal – the South American mountains. When the long and thick fur of an animal trapped between the rocks or stones, the animal remained nothing how to get rid of the stuck piece of wool. With predator, grab a chinchilla 's coat, this technique also worked.Your task is to teach the animal not to be afraid of your hands. Every time after you took the animal on your hands, encourage him with a treat.
в каких местах лучше гладить кролика
The next stage is joint trips. If you want your pet sometimes kneaded his paws, running around the room, choose a time for walking. Be sure to secure the place where they pass (remove wires, shoes, paper, close the doors, shut all the cracks, which could fit a chinchilla) and can every day to enjoy fellowship with your pet, not through the bars of the cage.On the "Playground" for the beast on the walks be sure to leave toys – oak splinter "to chew", a container with fine sand, something else. Walking is a great way for owner and furry pet to play and socialize.