Carefully inspect the car for wet spots, since humidity is the main reason for the formation of mold. Check the rugs, the flooring of the trunk and the cabin floor. If these spots do not fade with time, try to replace the seals. Improving this situation will help restore the standard holes in the car if they were closed.
Use a cloth that absorbs moisture. When you replace carpets and seats of the cabin carefully wipe the surface and degrease it. Clean the surface with cleaner as long as raw space to become dry. When you change the trim, use a material, which has good protective effect.
Antifungal spray on wet surfaces to prevent mold. Also buy different flavors that will allow you to get rid of the unpleasant smellproduced by fungi and mold. Remember that it is better to buy such funds, which do not mask the smell, it eliminates it.
Turn on the air conditioner and carefully smell the air that comes out of it. If it emits a smell of mold, it is likely that the fungus settled inside which is a problem situation. Will have to try very hard to get rid of it. If you are unsure of your abilities, better leave it to the professionals in the service station. Try to turn on the air conditioner at the time when Windows and doors are wide open. The mold smell can disappear, and if not, then a visit to a professional you can not avoid.
Try to carefully wash the car and dry it carefully after trips in the rain. As a rule, after cleaning the floor mats and interior to remove all the moisture, and also to use special tools that will not only eliminate the mold, but also prevent it.