Advice 1: How to get rid of mold in the car

Mold in the car is a common thing, because every machine in my life experiencing this unpleasant fungus on itself. However, the source of the trouble can be eliminated if the time to take preventive measures.
How to get rid of mold in the car
Carefully inspect the car for wet spots, since humidity is the main reason for the formation of mold. Check the rugs, the flooring of the trunk and the cabin floor. If these spots do not fade with time, try to replace the seals. Improving this situation will help restore the standard holes in the car if they were closed.
Use a cloth that absorbs moisture. When you replace carpets and seats of the cabin carefully wipe the surface and degrease it. Clean the surface with cleaner as long as raw space to become dry. When you change the trim, use a material, which has good protective effect.
Antifungal spray on wet surfaces to prevent mold. Also buy different flavors that will allow you to get rid of the unpleasant smellproduced by fungi and mold. Remember that it is better to buy such funds, which do not mask the smell, it eliminates it.
Turn on the air conditioner and carefully smell the air that comes out of it. If it emits a smell of mold, it is likely that the fungus settled inside which is a problem situation. Will have to try very hard to get rid of it. If you are unsure of your abilities, better leave it to the professionals in the service station. Try to turn on the air conditioner at the time when Windows and doors are wide open. The mold smell can disappear, and if not, then a visit to a professional you can not avoid.
Try to carefully wash the car and dry it carefully after trips in the rain. As a rule, after cleaning the floor mats and interior to remove all the moisture, and also to use special tools that will not only eliminate the mold, but also prevent it.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of mold in a washing machine

Unfortunately, the appearance of mold in the washing machine is not uncommon. Mold is a fungus dangerous to humans. The main difficulties in the fight against mold caused by the fungus attacks not only the upper layers of the rubber elements of the machine, but absorbed deeper. If your washing machine there was mold, you must try to get rid of it.
How to get rid of mold in a washing machine
Rinse the washing machine of acetic rastvoromeshalkami Cup of white vinegar in the compartment for powder detergent dispenser washing machine. Run the machine on full wash cycle without loading in her underwear. After the cycle is complete, wipe the car thoroughly with a cloth. Start the cycle of "boiling" dry.
Disinfect a washing machine with citric salsalate two full glasses of lemon juice in the compartment for powder detergent dispenser washing machine. Run the machine on full wash cycle without Laundry. After the cycle is complete, gently wipe the machine with a dry cloth. Start the cycle of "boiling" dry.
Wipe the machine food codeprivate a thick paste of baking soda, diluting it with water. Take a brush ( old toothbrush) and carefully apply all the hard to reach areas of the washing machine - a sealing ring of door, drawer dispenser detergent, the drum - this paste. Let the paste to sit for 30 minutes. Pour two cups of baking soda in the compartment for powder detergent dispenser washing machine. Run the machine on full wash cycle. Dry the drum and boot the machine with a soft cloth. Run another wash cycle with no load.
Moisten a sealing ring of the door of the washing machine with a copper sulfate solution. Leave for 24 hours. Rinse thoroughly with the powder.
Methods of prevention of mould:- regularly use "boiling" - this will help prevent mold;
- after the end of the wash cycle, wipe the cuff of the door, the drum and the dispenser drawer detergent with a dry cloth. Do not close the car door and the detergent dispenser - allow moisture to evaporate;
- try to use a metered-dose detergents on the basis of helium - balances of such funds provoke the appearance of the fungus;
- spend cycles of washing using bleach.
If after removing mould it after some time appears again, replace all the rubber parts of the machine affected by this fungal disease.

Advice 3 : How to remove mold in the washing machine

Mold is a type of fungi that typically develop in high humidity premises. Its appearance is fraught with undesirable consequences. In addition to odor, mold produces spores, which are deposited on the fabric of clothes and bedding and can cause allergic reactions, including skin rashes and bouts of severe coughing. The sooner you begin the fight with mold, the easier it will be to resolve it.
How to remove mold in the washing machine
You will need
  • - citric acid;
  • - vinegar;
  • - detergent chlorine;
  • - 50% solution of copper sulfate;
  • - bleach;
  • soda;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - the steam generator.
Getting rid of mold will help citric acid. Take three tablespoons of the acid and pour them into the tray of powder. Turn on the washing machine in the rinse mode.
A liter of vinegar mixed with the same amount of detergent that contains chlorine. Pour the mixture into the tray of powder and turn on the machine, selecting the highest temperature for washing.
Quite often mold can be seen in the tray of powder. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it using a stiff brush and detergent.
Most often the fungus appears on the cuff — rubber rim around the door. So you need to carefully clean it. For this purpose, suitable means, which contain chlorine. Thoroughly wash the Cup with water, and then turn on the rinse mode.
To help in the fight against mold can 50% solution of copper sulfate. Carefully apply the substance of the rubber parts of the machine and leave overnight. In the morning rinse with soap and water.
Remember that mold loves moisture. So after each wash for 2-4 hours and leave the door of the washing machine and the tray for detergent slightly ajar, so all parts could dry completely.
After each wash wipe dry the cuff — this will help to prevent the formation of mold.
If no methods do not work, then you need to disassemble the machine and carefully handle all items with bleach, baking soda or other cleaning products.
For complete elimination of mold, you can use the UV lamp.
If possible, treat the details of the cars by the steam generator at this high temperature the fungi die. It is desirable that this procedure involved the repair of washing machines.
Sometimes fungi are so much eats into the cuff that bring them out is almost impossible. In this case, it is necessary to change to a new one.
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