You will need
    • rice – ½ of St;
    • millet - ½ of St;
    • milk – 3 St;
    • sugar – ½ tbsp;
    • salt – ½ tsp;
    • egg – 1 PC;
    • a piece of butter.
Mix the rice and millet. Gently wash grains with cool water. Pour everything in a pot to baking in the oven.
Add salt, sugar and butter. Stir.
Whisk the egg with the milk. The milk must be cold.
Pour cereals, egg-milk mixture. Stir it carefully. Cover with a lid.
Warmed the oven up to 180 degrees. Put in the oven for a pot of porridge and leave for 1-1,5 hours to languish.
When the porridge is ready, take out from the oven and before serving, add butter to taste.
The cooking time of porridge "Friendship" can be reduced. This pot for baking, place the rice and millet boiled until soft. In this case, the porridge prepared as follows.
Rice wash thoroughly and soak for 10 minutes. You only need to soak in cold water.
The millet cook for 15 minutes in a little salted water. To the millet, add the rice and cook for another 10 minutes.
Rice and millet drain in a colander, drain the water from cooking.
The inner walls of the pot butter.
Spread cereal mixture in a pot, add salt and sugar. Mix well.
Pour porridge whipped mixture of milk and eggs. The milk should cover the mess about the height of 2-3 cm, because the porridge will swell.
Put the pot in the preheated oven. 30 minutes delicious and aromatic cereal can bring to the table, Dobrev a piece of butter.