Dosage of Pyrantel depends on the age, weight of child, type and severity of infestation. The medication can be taken any time of day regardless of meals.
To treat ascariasis and enterobiasis Pyrantel prescribed in the calculation of 10-12 mg per 1 kg of body weight of the child. That is 10 kg of body weight to 125 mg Pyrantel. To take once.
Child aged 6-24 months give 0,5 measuring spoon suspension.

Children 2 to 6 years - the whole scoop of the suspension.

Children 6 to 12 years can take either a suspension, or tablets. Suspension give 1-2 scoops, tablets is 1-2 tablets, 125 mg.

Over 12 years 3 tablets of 125 mg or 3 measuring spoons of the suspension.
When hookworm the above dose give within 3 days.
For the treatment of necatorosis Pyrantel give children for 2 days. The calculated dose of 20 mg Pyrantel per 10 kg of weight of the child.
Child 6-24 months give 1 scoop of suspension.

Children 2 to 6 years – 2 measuring spoons of the suspension.

Children 6-12 years of age, use 2-4 tablets 125 mg or in suspension - 2-4 scoops.

Over 12 years is 6 tablets 125 mg or 6 level measuring spoons of the suspension.
To prevent reinfestation do another treatment in 3 weeks. Obey all rules of personal hygiene and treating all family members.