In contrast to a simple bed, a cot can be easily folded and put into the closet. Also it is much cheaper than any other sleeping subject. However, to assess the folding cot must not by price, but by quality.
Currently, the most affordable are compact models, which are mostly used without mattresses. These include clamshell, which do not have mattresses. They don't take up much space. It is worth noting the convenience they have is minimal. They are best used for a short break.
There are cots made of only one fabric. The problem is that over time it sags, and the seams apart. If you decided to buy such a sleeping subject, pay attention to the quality of welds, and the material of the fabric itself. Of the advantages include the smallest folded size and the lightest weight. The frame is usually made of aluminum. This product is indispensable for a mobile rest, when weight and size is of great importance.
Many in the market also classic cots. They consist of springs and fabric. Over time, and this cot is in disrepair. This happens if the manufacturer uses for the manufacture of springs of low quality materials. The springs will be stretched, and the fabric will SAG.
Rollaways, which are based on steel slats, can be attributed to a budget-friendly option. They are inexpensive. Please note, this cot will not be able to provide sufficient rigidity. Will sagging. For longer holidays it is best to buy a cot with wooden slats. It is best if it is combined variant is a stretched spring fabric and slats of wood. They have a good rigidity of the substrate. If you also use a high mattress, you can fully enjoy all the delights of a comfortable stay.