Advice 1: How to peel hazelnuts

Typically, modern stores , the hazelnut is sold already cleaned and even cooked. But these nuts are often significantly more expensive than their wild counterparts. Actually - to save on this product to make high-quality processed hazelnuts – it's not very complicated.
How to peel hazelnuts
Just purchased raw unshelled nuts should be good to bake in the oven. To do this, spread the hazelnuts on a baking sheet and put in oven preheated to 180 - 200 degrees for 6-7 minutes.
The degree of readiness of peanuts is determined by the appearance of the characteristic nutty smell.
Leave the nuts before cleaning to cool for 20-25 minutes.
Proceed with peeling the nuts. Then, as they say, all good. For these purposes, you can safely use the right tools and accessories:
-the actual cracker;
-garlic press (hard laid inside, then the shell chokes carefully using the mechanism);
- a hammer (wrap the nuts in a towel, put on a thick cutting Board and gently hit until the complete splitting of the shell);
-door frame (walnut, again wrapped in a towel, is placed in the space between the door and door jamb, then the door closes before the advent of the crunch of the shell);
-teeth (who does not mind).
It is better to keep the teeth and to use any other devices – dental restoration of enamel and fix the teeth will cost much more than even a couple of pounds ready store of nuts.
Useful advice
When the nut was purified from the shell, they can fry in a hot pan for just 2-3 minutes. After this procedure, the brown skins from the nuts will be removed in a couple of seconds and you will get a delicious and completely clean the nuts.

Advice 2: How to grow hazelnut

Common hazel is a shrub, the fruit of which is a nut, often referred to as filbert hazelnut. Hazelnuts are called or the fruit of plants, or garden varieties of hazel. This unpretentious culture is able to grow on diverse soils. Garden varieties of the filbert are larger and more delicious fruit than a forest. They are also undemanding to conditions, so well take root in any area.
How to grow hazelnut
The gardeners for propagation of hazelnut usually use the vegetative method, that is, by layering or by dividing the Bush.
1) propagation of hazelnut cuttings in the spring near the parent Bush dig the groove. Annual or two-year escape drop to the ground, notched on the lower side of the escape of the bark for best rooting. Sprinkle the groove down in her escape the land with compost, leaving the shoot apex with 3-4 buds. In the autumn, in November, transplant the shoots with roots in a permanent place. The first fruits in this case will appear in the sixth year.
2) For the propagation of hazelnut by dividing the Bush, dig a hive, divide it into several parts and transplant to a permanent place. With this method of propagation the plant will fruit in the third or fourth year.
During the multiplication of seeds young plant does not retain all properties of the parent shrub, so gardening this method of propagation is rarely used. If you still want to plant a nut of a filbert, it is necessary to choose large fruit and keep to Nov in a cool dry place. In November put the nuts river sand and leave until spring in a cool place, periodically moistening.
Another way is to plant the seeds soon after ripening, and before the frosts to proporcionate the bed a layer of 10 cm.
If you buy seedlings of hazelnut, it is difficult to distinguish them from the wild hazel. In this case, give preference to seedlings with purple colored leaves, as wild varieties with this coloration there. To buy cuttings, not grown from seed, seedlings, look at the root: cuttings it is fibrous, and the plants grown from the seed rod. In addition, seedlings-cuttings always twice as expensive.
Hazelnuts like irrigation, especially during fruit ripening, as its roots are close to the surface. The rest of the care for hazelnuts is simple. For soils, it is light-weight, but on the fertilized soil gives a higher yield.
Plant in two to three years after planting should begin to form, cutting off weak branches and leaving ten to twelve strong shoots, located as far as possible from each other.

Advice 3: How to cleanse body from antibiotics

Each of us though time in life took antibiotics as a means of treatment for various diseases. But few think about the fact that antibiotics, if they have a positive effect on the human body during illness, harm, remaining in the body after treatment. Of course, it is necessary to deduce antibiotics from an organism.
How to cleanse body from antibiotics
In order to cleanse the body of antibiotics, it is necessary first to cleanse the bowel. To do this, in the morning take 2 tablets of activated charcoal. To clean the intestines very well in the morning on an empty stomach to drink 1 Cup of boiled water. During the day you should drink at least 2 litres of purified water that helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
With a long reception of antibiotics, they are delayed in all tissues of the body in the form of salts. To put salt in the slag are recommended: 1 Cup of water with 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar, to drink it in the morning. In the evening drink 1 Cup of yogurt for detoxification.
If antibiotics are taken frequently and for a long period, often interferes with the normal environment of the intestine, which is necessary to recover. Intestinal flora is restored by the intake of dairy products.
If antibiotics are not excreted, they are converted into toxins that poison the body. Taking antioxidants can clear the body of these toxins. Antioxidants in large quantities contained in cranberries, plums, blueberries, beans, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, parsley, and cocoa. Therefore, in order to purify the body from antibiotics you need to eat these healthy foods. Antioxidants are food supplements in the form of ascorbic acid, pectin and citric acid.
Fees from different herbs promote the excretion of antibiotics from the body. The alternation of urological and breast collection in a day or cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in the tissues of the respiratory system.
Nettle tea is a universal means of cleaning the body, two liters of boiling water pour 2 tablespoons of chopped nettles and drink during the day. A two-week course completely cleans the body from antibiotics.
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