Save the movies you need, depending on their format. If the movie is just one file, usually the format it is MP4 or DVDRip. The copying process of such films is no different from copying any other files. To save a movie on your computer, click the right mouse button and in the resulting shortcut menu, click Copy. Then go to the folder where you want to save the movie. In the folder just right click on an empty space and from the context menu, click "Paste". The film will simply be copied from disk or another source and saved on your hard drive.
A little different things with the movies that are sold on DVDs. If to open this disk, you can see that it saved a lot of files and folders. Such films can also just copy to the hard drive. But it is much more convenient to create virtual copies of such DVDs.
Download and install a program on your computer Alcohol 120%. Insert the disc with movies in the optical drive of the computer. Start Alcohol 120%. Now in the main program menu select "Create image". In the window that appears, click "Next". In the next window, enter the name of the image with the films and select the folder where the image will be saved. After that press "Start". After the completion of image creation on the computer will be saved an exact copy of the disk.
To access these discs, in the main menu of the program Alcohol 120% select "Search images". In the appeared window click "Search". After searching, click in the image with the films of the left mouse button, then "Add". Now in the main program menu click on the image, right-click and select "Mount on device".
Go to "My computer". Click on the virtual drive right-click and select "Play". Menu appears select options of watching the film. At any time on a virtual drive you can mount another disk image. The mount process takes only a few seconds.