Overheating of the laptop happens when there is insufficient cooling of the processor and graphics card. Grille eventually becomes clogged with dust, the body of the laptop gets less and less necessary to cool the air. One day the laptop from overheating can eventually die. To avoid this, you need only to clean the cooler. The easiest way to do this if you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, working on blowing. In this case, you don't have to take anything apart. It is enough just to blow air in the opposite direction of normal air flow. If blowing doesn't help, then you need to disassemble the laptop case.
Each laptop has its own system disassembly, try to find instructions on disassembly for your model. If no instructions, you have to understand and dismantle yourself. Unplug the laptop from the network and remove the battery. Remove the screws from the bottom of the laptop. Depending on model may require removal of the different covers of the notebook, as long as you understand what you should be looking for. And you are looking for a cooler to learn which can be attached to a large fan. As soon as you find the first thing you will be astonished the amount of settled dust. Take the vacuum cleaner and guide the initial processing of the cooler to remove large rags of dust. Be careful, in this case the vacuum cleaner needs to work on suction, not blowing. The remnants of the dust gently remove with cotton sticks. If the dust covered motherboard, go the sticks and it, but be extremely careful not to damage anything.
Some experts advise to clean the cooler in the bathroom with a hot shower included. Wet steam washes scattering dust and allows it to infiltrate back into the laptop, but in any case, do not try to wash the laptop or parts of it with water. After you have cleaned the cooler, and assemble the notebook in the direction reverse to how you took it apart. If you did everything correctly, then immediately after switching on will be able to notice how much faster and easier to operate the laptop. Laptops are very quickly clogged with dust, so maybe a year cleaning must be repeated.