You will need
    • dlinnozernogo rice;
    • onion;
    • vegetable oil;
    • sweet pepper;
    • tomatoes;
    • water;
    • salt.
    • Fig;
    • water;
    • salt;
    • raisins;
    • dried apricots;
    • melted a little;
    • plum.
    • Fig;
    • squid;
    • carrots;
    • bow;
    • salt;
    • ground pepper;
    • parsley.
Vegetable pilaf. Finely chop three small onions and fry them in medium width deep saucepan, after adding three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Fry the onion until it until it until soft, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. Rinse and remove seeds, two sweet red or yellow pepper and cut it into rings or half rings. Sort and rinse well with half Cup of rice dlinnozernogo. Slice four medium size tomatoes. Add all prepared ingredients to the fried onions. From top to pour three cups of water and salt. Cover the pan with a lid and place in oven. Twenty to thirty minutes and vegetable pilaf is ready.
Sweet pilaf recipe. Prepare in advance of the folding Fig. For this loop two hundred and fifty grams of rice and rinse well. Soak the rice in salted cold water for a few hours. Then rinse the rice with warm water and dip it in a half liter of boiling salted water. Cook rice until soft and allow to drain. Rinse, sixty grams of raisins, seedless and sixty grams of dried apricots. Lightly dry. Simmered the fruit in the melted butter. Add sixty grams of sugar. Stirring gently, combine sweet fruits with hinged pilaf. In a suitable pan put ghee and heat. Put the sweet mass into the pan, cover. Simmer on low heat until tender. Rice put on a plate slide, side, place the poached fruit on top and decorate with plums.
The preparation of pilaf with squid quite a quick process. Pilaf turns out the original taste. Sort and rinse a hundred and fifty grams of rice. Boil until soft. Four hundred grams of processed squid cut into pieces. Cut into strips one onion and a medium carrot. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil (30g). Mix rice with vegetables and squid. Add salt to taste and pepper. Put this mass in a suitable container with a lid and cook in the oven until tender. Ready to "sea" risotto garnish with parsley.