Get a program to convert video files. If you are a professional video and you often have to convert the video - use an Converter which you can use to make the highest quality conversion. If you plan to convert an Amateur video, for this task you can use the free program Any Video Converter, which can be downloaded directly from its official website: After downloading, install the program and run it on your computer.
Select the avi file you want to compress. To do this, click "Add video" button. Opens a Windows Explorer window in which you will need to specify the path to the video file that require conversion. After downloading the file info will appear in the middle of the window.
Mouse click select the downloaded file and choose the format in which should be encoded in the output file. Compress avi format, you can select different codecs, the range of which is presented in the drop-down list in the upper left corner of the program. Compress avi movie so that it is optimized specifically for viewing on mobile phone screen, or to upload to a website. In addition to compress a video file in avi format is possible, therefore, that loss of quality will be almost unnoticeable, but the size of it will decrease by several times. To do this, choose DivX, xVid or mkv. The film can also be put in avi format, changing the resolution of its pictures, the sound quality and the number of frames per second in the program options.
Once you decide the format, select the folder in which you saved the compressed movie, and then click "Encode". The conversion process will take some time, which depends on the power of your computer. After it reduced the file appears in the specified location.