Advice 1: How to make a paintball marker

Paintball is a game that allows you to simulate real fighting with weapons. However, the weapon in the paintball shoots not bullets, and gelatin balls with paint, so of course, players "kill" is not good, but simply labeled shots. However, as with any battle, paintball requires certain skills in shooting, knowledge of tactics of attack and defense.
How to make a paintball marker
You will need
  • fabric marker, air tank and feeder for the balls
Define the marker what type you'll make. Paintball markers are pump action, semi-automatic and automatic machines. Pump markers they are triggered by the hands by the slide. It's a simple pump-action gun, it has a charge for a few balls, usually 10-15 pieces However, this marker has its benefits, it is effective and allows you to get the hand to beginners. In addition, there are special games that are held only with the use of a pump markers.
Semi-automatic markers use the drummer to open the gas valve, sending the ball into the barrel. To shot, press the trigger. One click – one shot. These models are inexpensive but ineffective.
Automatic markers allow you to take multiple shots with one press of the trigger. Appeared electronic models automatic markers that allows you to adjust the frequency of the shots in a certain amount of time.
To collect the token, you must have a factory token, the cylinder for air and is a feeder for the balls. Feeder balls to attach the tokenat the top for feeder balls in the barrel. Cylinder air screw at the bottom of the markerand to the fitting.
Pressing the trigger opens the valve of a gas cylinder, which releases gas, zasylaya gelatinous ball in the bore and pushing it out.
Modern markers have undergone numerous upgrades, and each participant in the paintball games usually comes up with his weapons all new enhancements and "bells and whistles".
Paintball has come to Russia in 90th years of the last century along with needed for the game gear. Therefore, all of the guns called paintball markers, also comes from abroad.

Paintball markers – the majority of gaming equipment is a pneumatic gun or shotgun altered so that you can fire more of them balls with the help of the working gas (carbon dioxide or nitrogen). In order for the players not feel pain from the shots and didn't get hurt, they have to wear during the game, special masks and costumes.

Advice 2 : How to choose the marker for paintball

If you are a big fan of paintball, you need to think about buying your own equipment. The first step is to buy the token. This solution will help significantly reduce the cost of your hobby, so as to pay for the lease of the tokenand will not have to. There is another plus – having your own marker, you will be able to improve the quality of the game, as it is configured properly and the bullets fly exactly where you send them.
How to choose the marker for paintball
Average model and of good quality cost about one hundred fifty dollars. Cheaper marker suitable for the beginner. It is, in principle, not so bad. And if you want for little money you can find a quality model that is made very major manufacturers. So, before you go shopping, decide for yourself whether you want to become superboom or just want to shoot sometimes on the weekend. In the latter case, you can do an inexpensive markerof om.
In the amount of the purchase will definitely invest the cost of balls, gas bottle, clothes and masks.
Before you go to the store, be sure to try to shoot from different models of the tokens in any paintball club. As an alternative, ask for a game gun from one of his friends. This approach is much entreat the selection process. It would be nice to chat with avid players in paintball on the site or on the forums, of which there are now a large number, and find out all the pros and cons of a particular model of marker.
Select which gas to give preference to nitrogen or carbon dioxide. But don't forget about some of the features. For example, nitrogen is best used when playing in the cold. And prolong the action of your markerand you can use carbon dioxide. But best of all, of course, to buy the gas, which is used in the club where you are going to play.
When you select a tokenand it is important to pay attention to the materials from which it is made. Polymer case in active use wear out much faster in comparison with aluminum or steel.
Be sure to consider the technology of Assembly and disassembly of the marker. This knowledge will be useful in the future at the time of its cleaning and maintenance or repair.
In the choice of a particular model of markerand of great importance is the manner and style of play. This will depend on the weight of the gun and its length. If you prefer to play in the woods, you should buy a marker with a long barrel and long range. Tournament game requires a compact gun with high rate of fire. It should be noted that rifled barrels are the most accurate, but they are quite expensive models.
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