You will need
  • Statement;
  • Passport;
  • A copy of employment record;
  • Certificate of conclusion/termination of the marriage;
  • The court's decision on fixing of the residence of the child with the parent (if marriage terminated);
  • Birth certificate (for minor children);
  • Documents of title to the premises (order, house book, technical passport of the dwelling, the contract confirming the basis of acquisition of residential premises in the property);
  • Statement (certificate) from the account of the employer's premises and a certificate of family composition;
  • Reference from registration chamber on all family members, the presence (absence) of premises in the ownership of:
  • - certificate of participation (or nonparticipation) in the privatization of MUP BTI and PGF";
  • help on the presence (or absence) of housing the right of ownership of the registration service.
The first thing you need to do before you go to the district administration, to call experts and to clarify the conditions of admission. If necessary, you can immediately enroll in the nearest number. If possible, the documents can be collected in advance, however, it should be borne in mind that the appointments can last for several weeks and then some reference will have to redo it. For this reason, the package of documents is formed after the date of admission.
A certificate of privatization is preparing for a few days, so it is booked in advance and best of all in the first place. Its design can ask for the passport (all adult family members), proof of marriage, as well as to pay the duty. Next you should order a certificate in the registration chamber, which also stands to pay. Her results takes less time, usually it is ready the next day.
More for any help do not have to pay as per the Department of housing statement and proof of the composition are given free of charge, at the time of treatment. Should have a receipt on payment of municipal services. Otherwise, if you have debt, you simply refuse to issue certificates. Of employment, you will need to take a certified copy of employment record.
On the day of application and submission of documents to fill in the application form and attach all documents and copies of them. You may be asked to provide, folder and envelope. They are necessary for the clearance of your personal records and send notification letters. If you are in need of better housing conditions, the application is accepted and assigned a registration number by which to track the movement of the queue.
Get an apartment faster if you have pre-emptive rights, it is not at all. Such persons include those who: has no ownership of their homes under a social lease contract, with the exception of a communal apartment; living in specialized housing; public sector; have the priority right to receive apartments under the contract of social hiring; stood on the account to 01.03.05 G.; participated in sports; participated in the joint construction and has suffered from unscrupulous developers, etc. the Full list can be found in the district administration in your city.