Classic "Napoleon" decorated with crumbs remaining after aligning the edges of the cake. Scatter them evenly on the top crust. If desired, they can be crushed to a fine powder.
If the crumbs from the uneven edges of the cake left a bit, you can sprinkle the top crust with powdered sugar and crumbs to lay out the outline of the cake. At desire it is possible to make decoration in the following way – you need to cut out the paper pattern, place it on the already dusted with powdered sugar, upper crust, and sprinkle the uncovered region of the cake with cocoa powder. The cake will turn out exquisite and unusual.
Cake "Napoleon" you can decorate with grated chocolate. It is recommended to use grated white chocolate. In addition, you can create drawings on the top layer of the cake with two types of chocolate, as described earlier.
Whipped cream can also be used as decoration of the cake. They are applied on the edge of a wavy line or squeeze out individual curls that look like meringue. If the cake will be served to the table in the form of a cut and on separate plates, on each slice of cake to squeeze a bit of whipped cream and decorate the top with icing.
The most avant-garde way to decorate a cake "Napoleon" – put on top of the cake dough fruit like raspberries with blueberries. There is not necessary to create a pattern, as long as the berries filled all the space on the cake. This way of decorating, of course, far from classic and isn't for everyone. So if you want to decorate the "Napoleon" berries, can be cut along four of the strawberries, place them in the center of the cake as if denoting sector, and the remaining space covered with crumbs of dough.