You will need
  • Baguette, baguettes adhesive, Wallpaper knife, pencil, sponge foam or a rag.
Prepare the surface for pasting. Baguettes not to glue over Wallpaper, because under their weight, the Wallpaper can move away from the wall and fall along with the baguette. Therefore, baguettes glue before papering to clean the surface of the wall.
Surface wall and ceiling under the baguette should be smooth. If the walls or ceiling have significant irregularities, zashpaklyuyte them before you glue the baguettes.
Abrade the surface and remove the dirt and dust.
Prime the surface so that the glue grabbed better.
Select the most notable internal corner in your room and start marking the first baguettes.
For this purpose put the first molding to the wall so that its upper surface is tightly pressed to the ceiling, and the side against the wall. Draw a pencil line on the ceiling around the border of baguette. Line should start from the wall to which the baguette is not leaning, and also to be longer than the width of a baguette.
Lay the baguette next to the second wall of the corner. Draw the first line on the ceiling around the border of the second baguette. Make on top of the baguette a mark with a pencil. The check mark indicates the place where the line from the border of the first baguette crosses the second baguette.
Again hold the first molding to the wall where you began the layout. Make a mark with a pencil at the place where it intersects a line drawn along the border of the second baguette.
Exactly, cut the marked ends of the baguettes with a sharp knife. Start cutting from made pencil marks on the top of the molding to the lower corner of the butt.
Apply glue to both the mounting surface of the first baguette. Give him exposure, if required by the instructions for the adhesive. Press the molding to the wall and ceiling. Remove the glue, speaking from under the baguette.
Apply glue to the cut end of the second baguette. Glue the second baguette in the corner as the first.
If the length of the wall space allows, glue the whole strip of baguettes. Their ends gently combine with glue.
If the fixed end of the baguette and angle to fit the whole strip, measure the distance between the corner and the end with tape. Mark the resulting length on a baguette with a pencil. Cut the baguette on the mark.
Similar to the first corner, glue the moldings to the second angle and everything.