To work on the exchange you must do two things: get a license for commercial transactions and to obtain employment in a special company to work as a broker. The broker acts according to the agreement, i.e. the transaction is on behalf of the customer and at his expense.
A brokerage license is issued by the organization or natural person who meets the requirements of the FSFM. One of the main conditions of obtaining a brokerage license is a sufficient amount of own funds – at least 5 million. In addition, you must have the appropriate technical and accounting systems, and qualified personnel who have undergone special examinations.
In order to engage in brokerage activities as individuals, you have good knowledge, communication skills, and, again, the existence of the license. To obtain to an individual must pass a state exam. For his surrender must pass courses with a duration from two weeks to two months.
Directly licensing is the Federal service for financial markets, the period of performance of the license – 30 days.
To get started, a good broker is also required a high level of theoretical knowledge, preferably greater than the amount taught in the courses. You also need to develop a good understanding of the securities market – how deals are done, what is currently happening within the market. A big plus is experience as a trader.