Fashionable beard

The beard is a distinctive element of the male appearance and allows you to create your own unique image. It is able to adjust the oval face, to hide his incorrect aspect ratio, to emphasize the dignity and to make a man of brutality and attractiveness.

Fashion trends have led to the emergence of a large number of types of haircuts beards. Be stylish only with the right version, suitable in form and shape to the face. You should also consider the natural data, the structure of the hair and their growth.

Men with a triangular face suit rounded beard in the shape of a square or a horseshoe. It can widen the chin. A round face will draw a pointed beard in the shape of a trapezoid side to side. The holders of the trapezoidal faces is to choose the form of the "skipper" or "frill", which will sauzet the lower part of it. Elongated shape will adjust wide rounded beard, but it is not necessary to wear a cone or a goatee, they visually lengthen the face.

To emphasize masculinity and style will help the bristles, which stands out in the list of types of beards. This option is probably the easiest to create and easy to care for. But it is not suitable for blonde men, people with uneven vegetation and large wide face.

Fashionistas can experiment with a beard, selecting the original format and color. But of course, it is not suitable for every man. Someone beard will make older or more comical. But figure it can, only trying a new image.

Proper care

Growing a beard is half the battle. Great attention should be paid to care for her. Neat beard gives the men confidence and independence, and scruffy vegetation can cause a feeling of disgust. Those who consciously decided to abandon the daily shave should be prepared for the fact that the beard needs regular trimming to trim the hairs to maintain the evenness and clarity of the contours. It should be washed by the same means that are used for hair care. Can be treated with conditioner that will protect your beard from tangling.

We must remember that job very well keeps the smell of tobacco, the withdrawal of which by yourself will be difficult. Besides, Smoking can change the color of the beard, that too will negatively affect its appearance. To take care of facial hair by yourself or to entrust this important process professionals.

To wear or not to wear a beard, every man decides for himself. It blends with any style of dress, lifestyle and social status. Well-groomed beard well-shaped and neat hair — components of the image are impressive and successful men.