In order not to mask the cold sores, try to prevent rashes. It is quite possible, if within days after the first symptoms (tingling, itching, redness) on the painful area will cause a thick layer of cream "Zovirax", "Acyclovir" or "Penciclovir". The cream can be bought over the counter without a prescription. Apply it at least 5 times a day every 4-5 hours.
Dermatologists suggest herpes sores to cauterize a fukortsin or green paint.You can also use a colorless salicylic alcohol or "Castellani". Cauterize will have until, until you see the crust. If before applying makeup to the wound to cauterize, there is a possibility of infection of the sores.
Bad "guest" in the form of herpes on the face you can disguise, but only if the inflammation appeared on his lips. If sores and blisters appeared on the cheek dermatologists do not advise to cover them with Foundation and powder. A bubble cold sores on cheeks will soon pass, if only to lubricate dermatological preparations prescribed by a doctor.
Sores on lips can be easily hidden by using the lipstick. Lipstick should not be oily and nutritious. And not apply a dark, rich lipstick – this will make the sore only noticeable. Light, almost flesh tones, on the contrary, will help to disguise the herpes.
If part of the sores beyond the border of the lips, use Foundation. Pre-apply to the sore moisturizing non-greasy cream, then concealer, which, by the way, will have to apply all over the face, otherwise, cold sores will be visible. Use fat-free cream Foundation. Do not RUB it, and slightly glossed over with a brush, so as not to rip off the hardened crust. On top of the sore can be powder.