You will need
  • - tutorial of the French language
  • French - Russian dictionary
  • - French grammar
  • multimedia French course
  • - notebooks
Of course, any language is easier and more efficient just to study in special courses or with a private teacher. But often adults have no opportunity to attend classes, so you have to learn the language independently. Fortunately, with high motivation and persistence it is possible to perfectly learn a foreign language yourself.
For the person that owns the computer, the best option for the study of French becomes one of the multimedia programs, which are currently released quite a lot. The computer disk will allow you to pass a language course is almost identical to full-time in the classroom. To purchase the multimedia course via the Internet or in a bookstore that sells textbooks and computer programs.
Using a computer application, you will also receive explanations on the grammar and syntax of the language under the guidance of a real teacher, you will listen to examples of correct pronunciation and to perform tasks. The program itself will check them and point out errors and help correct them. However, in addition to computer software you will need a French textbook, grammar guide and French-Russian dictionary.
If you can not use a professionally made multimedia course to learn French independently in a different way. Although in this case the work will be difficult and progress will be slower. First try to get a good tutorial of the French language. When you select a note which syllable is written in the book, how difficult for you to understand the material described. Try to choose the most available literature.
Additionally, be sure to get great French-Russian and Russian-French dictionaries, reference grammar, preferably French PhraseBook for tourists. With the help of a PhraseBook, you'll learn the most common speed and stable expression. You will also need a notebook for notes. Better to have a separate notebook to complete the exercises and write new words with the translation. Working on the tutorial, try to consistently go through each lesson, completing all exercises and assignments. If you do not understand something, do not try to skip the topic and move on, be sure to understand difficult material.
For a better grasp of basic vocabulary make it a rule every day to learn 10 new words. Words should be studied thus: make a small card of thick paper about the size of a quarter of A4 sheet. On one side write 10 new French words on the back of the same 10 words with translation into Russian language. Learn the words, looking at the French originals, and look at the translation only if you have no memory of them. Cards are convenient because they can carry everywhere and learn words at every free minute. For example, during travelling or while waiting at the bus stop.
The least effective way to write French words and phrases with translation in MP3 player and listen on the go during the day. Thus, you unwittingly will gain the necessary lexical scope. Almost from the beginning of training try to watch as many films as possible in French and to read easy books or newspaper articles. This experience will give you the necessary skill of understanding foreign language and its application in everyday life.