You will need
  • - slate;
  • - skates for the roof;
  • - nails or screws;
  • - wooden blocks and boards;
  • - rubber washers;
  • - paint;
  • - red lead putty;
  • - linseed oil.
From slate a lot of advantages. It is inexpensive, easy to work, resistant to heat, frost and moisture building material. It is fireproof, quite a bit of weight, does not require special care and serves for decades. Standard size sheets of slate - 120х68 cm, thickness is 0.55, see also Produced angles, pans and skating elements for roofs with slate.
Recall: any roof consists of two main parts: envelope (the roof) and the carrier (rafters). The roof configuration can be shed, gable, mansard. Supporting structure is a truss frame which is stuffed crate.Before starting the installation of slate, you need to decide on the method of laying. Their two longitudinal edges of stacked or in a straight line, or vrazbezhku. The order of work and method of attachment of roof to the design of the sheathing will be the same. Usually slate is used for gable roofs.
Slate - a hard coating, and this quality allows to refuse from the solid sheathing. Enough to take the bars 5 by 5 cm, and the distance between them 50 cm is Recommended before laying the slate to fill a crate on the side slopes of the so-called wind boards. They will make the design more sustainable.Given the steepness of the roof slopes it is necessary to calculate the overlap on a vertical line of leaves: when inclined up to 30° overlying a row of "coming up" on the underlying of 12-14 cm, with a stronger gradient in 10-12 cm
Laying start from the bottom row, using the tense cord. If it is not done in the gutter, the eaves are planned with a size of 10 cm (with a drain it will be 5 cm). Each row of slate on a horizontal line is placed overlapping with overlap in one wave. It is desirable to obtain information about the "wind rose" in a particular area and do overlap in the direction of the main winds.
Slate fastened to the sheathing with screws, nails with a wide hat. The length of the nails choose at least 7 cm Holes are not punched, and drilled, and the hole diameter should be 2-3 mm wider than the diameter of the nail. You must also under the cap to enclose pre-lubricated Surikova putty steel or rubber washers. Drive nails should be very careful not to split the fragile sheet.
Completed laying slate installation of the ridge that overlaps the junction of the upper rows of the left and right rays. If you are unable to purchase a factory skates, use strips of galvanized steel or wooden covering (two boards slipping at an angle). Boards must be treated with linseed oil, dried and painted with an iron oxide.