You will need
    • lля test:
    • 0.5 liters of milk or mix of milk with water;
    • 30 g of yeast;
    • tablespoon of sugar with a slide;
    • teaspoon of salt;
    • 50 g margarine or butter;
    • 900 g of flour.
    • For the filling:
    • 1 small head of cabbage;
    • 2 eggs;
    • salt and pepper to taste.
Yeast dough for pies can be done in two ways. So, the first method – straight dough. Dissolve the yeast with a little milk, add a teaspoon of sugar. Add warm milk or a mixture of water and milk (if milk fat), flour and knead the dough until then, until the dough no longer sticks to the pan in which you knead and palms. Then sprinkle it with flour or grease and put the dough in a warm place to rise.
The second method – sponge. First prepare the dough. To do this, RUB the yeast with sugar, add warm water approximately half of the amount of flour. Let the dough come. It is ready when the mass will increase by 1.5-2 times. Then add salt, a little softened margarine and the remaining flour. Now knead the dough well to make it shiny and smooth and not sticking to hands. When the dough will approach, omniti it two or three times. The more the dough is kneaded, the more magnificent it becomes. The dough is ready when it will increase in volume twice.
While the dough rises, prepare the filling. Finely shred the cabbage. Heat in a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil and sauté the cabbage until it becomes soft. Before it is done add chopped egg. Salt and pepper the cabbage to taste. You can add some herbs: dill and parsley.
On the table, sprinkle with a little flour. Divide the dough into small balls. Each ball flatten into a pancake and flatten with a rolling pin. Put in the very middle of the stuffing and zasypnica edges, giving the cake an oblong shape.
Fry the patties until beautiful Golden brown in preheated oil or bake in the oven heated to 200 degrees.