The existence of friendship

Experts tend to believe that the concept of "friendship" does not exist. Among certain people there is a certain relationship. These relationships traditionally referred to as a friendship.

Cynical-minded people believe that such relations exist, but only between two women or men. However, friendship between a man and a woman does not happen. They believe that the woman to the man necessary only for specific purposes, for example, in order to maintain order in the house, and washed and cleaned. A woman can act as mistress or wife, but not as a friend. Ladies just don't understand for what purpose and why do we need a man a woman-friend.

Friendship between a man and a woman

In fact, men really can make a woman a friendly relationship without any sexual connotation. The fact that the man in the same way as a woman, I want to share their grief, perhaps even "to cry" on someone's shoulder, to complain to their health, even discuss some romance or your girlfriend. Yes, there are men, and rarity they are not. Of course, his team of every representative of the stronger sex will "keep the brand", to show his coolness. Of course, in a purely male team having discussion on the theme "women-silly Women". But men do not discuss in detail this question. On the other hand, in the same male company it is impossible to discuss the question of what to give his girlfriend or wife, what to do to any woman paid attention to his person. With a female friend, you can not only discuss all these things, but to get good advice. Thus, the man may not be afraid that the woman he had entrusted some secret or asked for advice, can tell everyone what they know. The fact is that any lady loves to have her turn for advice, especially men. So the woman the man has chosen as a friend, until the last moment to keep the secret which she entrusted. For its part, the girl also may at any time ask for advice from your more powerful friend on any issue.

A man who wants to see the woman, the other pursues another target. It is very important that ladies think in General about men and about specific instances separately. The representative of the stronger sex it is important to know that as a woman will make in some specific cases. It turns out that thanks to friendly relations, man to eventually acquire invaluable knowledge that will further help him to build relationships with the opposite sex.