You will need
  • pencil;
  • -eraser;
  • -shoes;
  • -pencils or paint.
Before starting, decide what kind of shoes you will draw. This can be shoes of different styles and colors, shoes summer or winter. Also decide how many pairs of shoes will be your drawing, or it will be one Shoe. Look on the Internet or in relevant magazines pictures, which show a similar Shoe.
Finding a picture you like, print it out, or leave on the screen, to keep it in sight when you draw shoes. Choose a clear picture, the picture which easily conveyed on paper.
Before you start take a good look at the picture, trying to distinguish the main lines and contours of objects. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and try to transfer the basic outlines to their own pattern. Proceed gradually, slowly. Pay special attention to the study of drawing, with which you redraw the shoes. Next, draw additional features of the objects. At this stage try not to pay attention to various small details.
When the main certane already drawn, once again carefully consider the initial picture and go for applying small details of the Shoe. Here it is possible to dream a little.
The shoes in the picture should be large and bright enough. Use different shades. The neighborhood of warm and cold colors will make the picture more alive and realistic. Do not forget about own and falling from the object shadows. If you work with a brush, apply the brush strokes in different directions, the shape of the object. If the choice fell on pencils, stahujte, focusing on the plane of the Shoe.