Effective means for the treatment of snoring is considered to be burying his nose in the usual olive oil. This should be done twice a day, morning and evening. Instillation reduces swelling and improves breathing.
Even greater effect can give gargling olive oil, because snoring occurs when the runout of the soft palate on the pharyngeal wall, which leads to its thickening and chronic injury. Olive oil eliminates the risk of personal injury, softens the throat and dryness of the respiratory tract. Throat rinse before bedtime with a small amount of oil (enough for 1 canteen spoon) for thirty seconds.
There are special exercises designed for muscles of the tongue and throat. They are available to everyone and can bring a good result. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscle tissue of the tongue and lower jaw. The goal is to make these muscles even in a relaxed state (in the dream) was provided by widening of the lumen of the throat and reduce snoring. They also significantly improve the muscle tone of the throat before bedtime that prevents the appearance of snoring. To achieve the effect you need to repeat them at least 3-4 weeks.
Here is one of these exercises: as push the tongue forward and down. Hold it in this position for about two seconds. Do this exercise about thirty times twice a day.
You can also click on the chin with your fingers and make an effort to move the jaw back and forth. Do it thirty times twice a day.
Another exercise: strongly squeeze the teeth some wooden or plastic stirring stick (like a pencil). Hold at least three or four minutes. This exercise must be done just before going to sleep.