An important factor for successful concentration – the absence of external stimuli. When you read a book, write or think about something, divert your attention can any sound movement. Difficult to concentrate in crowded and noisy places. If you work at home, and your loved ones while watching TV, talking loudly and constantly to ask any questions, you will not be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand. Try to isolate yourself from external stimuli. Find the most secluded and quiet place where you will be able to be more productive. If you find such a place does not work, try to mentally isolate themselves from what is happening around you. Imagine that your head is in a large glass bowl, and all external sounds bounce off before reaching your attention.
When you need to concentrate on routine work or boring lectures that no interest, try to find something new. Look at familiar things from the other side. Say you're listening to the tenth report of the conference, your attention is scattered and thoughts are left in an unknown direction. Imagine a man for the first time described the theme as if you accidentally fell into the hall. Find outlined in the report highlights that might be of interest to you. This may be different from your opinion on things already known, some previously unknown facts, figures and wording of the terms. You may be interested in the unusual style of speaking and the ability to be able to present complex material.
To learn to concentrate our thoughts will help special exercises. Put before itself any object – an Apple, a vase, a matchbox or a watch. Focus your attention on a chosen object. Look at it from different sides. Please note color, size, shape, smell, the feeling when you touch the object. Please remember to keep the attention and to speculate on the subject for at least two minutes. As soon as you notice that your attention has gone from the object of focus, gently bring it back and continue the exercise. Do the exercise every day for 5-10 minutes. Soon you will become easier to control thoughts.