To be independent before you become responsible. We need to take responsibility for their lives, for their actions, for their loved ones. Often people are afraid of responsibility and avoid decisions. Because it is more convenient to shift the decision to someone else: parents, husband or wife, society, or state. Who decides, and who is responsible.
But when someone makes a decision for you, you have only one thing: to obey someone else's rules. So, you can't manage your life. But the most important is that the responsibility for yourself lies with the person. Even if one decides anything for you, for yourself are responsible only to you. Ie if you think that responsibility can be avoided, it is self-deception.
For example, you wanted to be an actor (musician, artist), but my parents decided for you that you should go to medical school. You have learned and have become doctor, work on unloved work, and criticized the parents that for them life is "failed". But in fact, it was YOUR choice. It's your life, and you have at least 2 options: 1. To get their way. 2. To give parents, but too late to get a second profession, about which you dreamed. So stop trying to shift the responsibility on others. Everything that happens to you, it is YOUR choice and you are responsible for it.
To be an independent person, you need to become financially independent. Because when you financially dependent on someone, he can decide for you and control you. For example, if you can call housewife independent? She is aware of it or not, but she has to please the head of the family, from whom she financially depends. Even if her husband is rich, her life can turn into a "Golden cage".
You will not make independent of other people's money – money earned by someone else. May you have at least a little, but YOUR income.
Money alone will not make you free and independent. You can become addicted and the money, and their comfort, social status, etc. When a person is afraid to lose something, it is easy to manage and manipulate. Therefore, to be independent, to become unattached.
You may not realize their addiction. For example, you think much love, can't live without someone to love, afraid to lose him. But it's not love, but dependency.
We must realize that the only thing that you will always have is yourself. If you get rid of the fear to lose something, you will do.
To be independent is also a means to become self-sufficient. A self-sufficient person does not seek support in others, it has support in itself. Self-sufficient and independent people not dependent on someone else's opinions. This means, you need to have the courage to be. This means to be yourself.
As you can see, to be independent is not so easy. But still need in order to live a full, happy with MY life.