You will need
    • milk - 3 St;
    • sugar - 0.5 St;
    • eggs - 2 PCs;
    • butter - 50-100 g;
    • flour - 2 tbsp
For "Napoleon" there is a special cream custard that permeates cakes, soft and not cloying on the palate. To prepare it, it is necessary to heat 3 cups of milk. Do not wait until the milk boils (that is, when it is warm), pour about 1 Cup into a separate bowl, dissolve it in 0.5 cups of sugar, add 2 tbsp flour and 2 eggs, mix well. So the sugar will melt faster, the flour does not form lumps, and the eggs don't curdle. The resulting mass must be carefully and slowly pour in the boiling milk. Lower the heat to low and stirring continuously. Gradually the cream will begin to thicken.
Understand that the cream has reached desired consistency, stirring constantly. In the final version it should be similar to liquid sour cream. Once the cream has become thick, remove it from the stove, cool and add 50-100 grams of butter, then stir.
To obtain a more airy texture can I take 150 grams of butter and whipping cream in a blender or with a mixer. To make the cake look neat and beautiful should be covered with cream sides and sprinkle them with crumbs from the crushed cake, nuts.