Drug treatment of inflammation of the joints of the fingers. When the first symptoms consult a doctor. If time found inflammation of the joints and the disease is not running, the treatment is limited to compresses and physical therapy. Recommend all this to combine with manual therapy. If the disease is started, it is necessary anti-inflammatory treatment. In the joint of a finger is observed crunch – needed drugs for intra-articular introduction, it is still necessary to resemble electrophoresis Caribana. Drugs for the treatment of this disease very much. They all have a different effect, treat inflammation and relieve pain.
In combination with the treatment the doctor will recommend definitely to put on joints are tight bandage. The goal is to fix the joint and limit its movement. This way you will be able to slightly dull the pain. Treatment is appointed individually, each a reaction to the same drug different. No need to appoint a drugs alone. This can only worsen your condition.
Traditional medicine. Modern medicine has a huge number of drugs that will cure inflammation of the joints, some people trust solely methods of traditional folk medicine. A lot of them:
Baths. Uses essential oils that have anti-inflammatory effects (St. John's wort, eucalyptus, calendula, sandalwood oil, etc.). Procedure time is approximately 10 minutes.
Teas. Use thyme, St. John's wort, etc. for the welding of anti-inflammatory tea.
Infusions of herbs. Is flax seed, calendula petals, leaves St. John's wort and bilberry, nettle leaves, etc.
Onions. His finely rubbed and applied on the inflamed joint. Time – 30 minutes or more.