Advice 1: How to treat the joints of the fingers

Inflammation of the joints occurs very often. Suffer from this disease and elderly and young people. Treatments today there are a lot, but don't rush to experiment yourself and try different “folk” methods. Each has its pros and cons.
How to treat the joints of the fingers
Drug treatment of inflammation of the joints of the fingers. When the first symptoms consult a doctor. If time found inflammation of the joints and the disease is not running, the treatment is limited to compresses and physical therapy. Recommend all this to combine with manual therapy. If the disease is started, it is necessary anti-inflammatory treatment. In the joint of a finger is observed crunch – needed drugs for intra-articular introduction, it is still necessary to resemble electrophoresis Caribana. Drugs for the treatment of this disease very much. They all have a different effect, treat inflammation and relieve pain.
In combination with the treatment the doctor will recommend definitely to put on joints are tight bandage. The goal is to fix the joint and limit its movement. This way you will be able to slightly dull the pain. Treatment is appointed individually, each a reaction to the same drug different. No need to appoint a drugs alone. This can only worsen your condition.
Traditional medicine. Modern medicine has a huge number of drugs that will cure inflammation of the joints, some people trust solely methods of traditional folk medicine. A lot of them:
Baths. Uses essential oils that have anti-inflammatory effects (St. John's wort, eucalyptus, calendula, sandalwood oil, etc.). Procedure time is approximately 10 minutes.
Teas. Use thyme, St. John's wort, etc. for the welding of anti-inflammatory tea.
Infusions of herbs. Is flax seed, calendula petals, leaves St. John's wort and bilberry, nettle leaves, etc.
Onions. His finely rubbed and applied on the inflamed joint. Time – 30 minutes or more.
Useful advice
Side effects. Nobody canceled. Before taking any medication, be sure to get acquainted with the sheet liner. There you will find all necessary information about them. Follow the dose is also very important.

Advice 2 : What to do when a sore arm

Pain in the hand can occur at any age and can be a symptom of various diseases, and can be the consequence of tension or injuries. In any case, it is not necessary to disregard this warning signal your body.
What to do when a sore arm
Determine what is pain: muscle or joint. If the sore shoulder, elbow or wrist joints, the pain is articular in nature. If the arm hurts during muscle pain muscle.

Remember, if there was any undue stress or injuries relating to the hand. If you got a bruise or sprain, use rastertime with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, such Bystrumgel ' or Festungen. Long known ointment Ortofen Diclofenac and also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. To ease the pain symptom you can drink non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.

Use the ointment with a warming effect, such as Capsicum to relieve pain in muscles and joints. If your pain is articular in nature, you fit the above ointments, and in addition, the rubbing-based bee (Apistan) and snake (I experienced an unexpected side effect) poisons.

If the pain is long don't go away or are intermittent, and worse with movement of your arms or stress on it, see a therapist or trauma. You may be sent for x-rays to understand the cause of pain.

Pain in the hand can manifest in many diseases associated with muscle and bone system: neuralgia, arthritis, polyarthritis, writing cramps, etc., Can have their place, and rheumatism. All these diseases reveals a physician, so do not put self-diagnosis and not self-medicate.

Ask your doctor to prescribe you physiotherapy (e.g., electrophoresis), if arm pain persists for a long time after a fracture or other injury. You may need to have massages or any other treatments.

Before visiting the doctor limit the load on the patient's hand, keep it at rest.

Advice 3 : Why sore fingers in the morning

Most often joint pain in fingers occurs in people after 40 years. In 60 years, complaints about the appearance of the pain syndrome and to the deterioration of the mobility of joints there are in every third patient. This symptom may also occur at a young age.
Why sore fingers in the morning

Arthritis - the cause of pain in the fingers

Causes of pain in the fingers lie in the pathological processes that occur in joints and in the adjacent tissues. They can appear after injuries (sprains, fractures). The nature of the disease is determined during detailed inspection (x-ray, ultrasound, MRI). During the transition process in the chronic form the pain is accompanied by inflammation, swelling, loss of joint mobility.

Fingers in the morning can get sick with arthritis of different origin. This disease can be non-infectious in nature and occurs due to problems with the immune system. In rheumatoid arthritis hurt small joints of the hands. The disease occurs even in young children. Joints are affected symmetrically relative to each other. Most often affects the joints of the index finger. We can also see a seal of small size, which hurt when pressed. If rheumatoid arthritis left untreated, the joints become deformed and misshapen.

Infectious arthritis affects 1 or more joints. The disease develops under the influence of bacteria or viruses. The pathogen penetrates through the external injury. Before the others become infected joint of the middle finger. Besides the pain, there is local toxicity, increased body temperature. The joints on the arms ache at psoriaticescom arthritis. In addition to them, the disease affects the skin.

Symptoms osteoartroza and podarki

Deformation and destruction of joints of the hands causes osteoartroz. They formed bony growths which disturbed mobility of the fingers. The disease is characterized by morning pain, accompanied by stiffness and stiffness. Osteoartroz most often seen in women because the disease is caused by fluctuations in hormone levels of estrogen. Other factors that can affect the emergence of disease include: genetic predisposition, constant stress of the joints, problems with the metabolism.

Unbearable pain in the joints is characterized by gout. The paroxysms occur at night or early in the morning. Her reason is the salts that form crystals and lead to inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Gout occurs due to failures in metabolism and related kidney problems. This disease usually develops in men after 40 years.

Other reasons for the onset of pain in the fingers include: problems with total immunity, failure of the endocrine system, untreated infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, decreased metabolism, low temperatures and cold water, injury of the hands. Pain in fingers can occur in pregnant women due to fluctuations in hormone levels.

Advice 4 : Why aching hands and fingers

Pain in the hands seriously complicates life, because it turns into a real test of even the simplest household chores, not to mention work. Even worse is that such discomfort can be a symptom of a dangerous disease, which is very important to diagnose and treat as early as possible.
Why aching hands and fingers

Aching hands and fingers: the main causes

Pain in the hands can be caused by mechanical damage. Compression and contusions, sprains and torn ligaments can all cause discomfort. The same applies to situations when a person has had a fracture. Overvoltage or adverse weather conditions such an injury, even long, can "remind you" about yourself. More simple and less dangerous solution – strong long-lasting physical strain or a poorly chosen hand position, especially during sleep. Time-consuming work associated with the ongoing work of your fingers – for example, embroidery, knitting, weaving, kneading dough, a letter can cause aches in the hands. If you have this problem, after a good rest it will pass.

If we are talking about mechanical damage, hand and fingers will be very ache mainly in tension, even if I need to move my hands. If the symptoms do not cease even when the person completely relaxes the limbs, the reason may lie in the development of such common diseases as arthritis. He is most vulnerable older people, however, this does not mean that it can not appear the young man or even a child. Over time, aching fingers and hands at rest will only increase, so you need to consult a doctor to start treatment in time.

It is important to distinguish normal from rheumatoid arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis pain generally starts in symmetrically located joints, that is starts to hurt not one arm but both. To wiggle your toes becomes very difficult and painful. To put such a diagnosis, however, can only be a doctor after a thorough examination.

Why you may see aches in the fingers and hands

This problem can be generally not directly related to the hands. For example, in some diseases of the cardiovascular system the pain gives to the left arm, and then gradually appears and increases aching hands and maybe even "sweep" fingers. Especially often this problem occurs for those who have experienced a myocardial infarction.

Dull pain and aching in the hands and the thumbs, increasing during daylight hours and significantly flagging after a good rest, and especially after sleeping can be symptoms of osteoarthritis. In this case, the discomfort can persist for several days and gradually fade away, but this is not a reason to forget about the disease. On the contrary, it is very important to consult a doctor to avoid the next attack.
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