You will need
  • Partition Manager.
Let's look at an example of connection of several local disks in one using the installer operating system Windows Seven. Start the process of installing the OS in a standard way. Insert disc, turn on the computer, select your main drive device when booting. Select the installation language and version of the operating system.
The screen will display a menu with a list of local disks on which to install the OS. Click the "drive options". Select one of the merged partition and click "Delete". Do the same with the second disk. Now click "Create". Select the file system type of the future drive (NTFS or FAT32), set the maximum size for him.
Continue with the installation of the operating system or complete the process if another OS is already installed on the computer or laptop.
Despite the simplicity of the operations, this method has one significant drawback – information from both of the merged partitions will be deleted. To avoid this, use a special tool.
Download and install the Partition Manager. Select the version you more than others suited to your operating system. The Internet is easy to find most of the versions of the program.
Run the program and enable the experienced user. Click the "Wizard" located on the toolbar of the program. Select "more actions" and click on sub-item "merge partition".
Select a few local drives (at least two) you want to merge into one. Click "Next". On the main toolbar, locate the "Apply" button and click it.
If one of the connected partitions is the system, the program needs to continue to work in the DOS mode after a reboot.